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Competitive Pay

Free Food

Flexible Hours

Benefits Package & 401K

Fast Career Advancement Opportunities

How to Apply

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Del Taco was founded in 1964 and was one of the first restaurants with a drive thru. Generations have grown up with Del Taco from Tuesday Taco Night with their family to late night burrito cravings. What makes us special is that we serve fresh - we grate our cheese from 40lb. blocks and grill our amazing chicken all day. Ours is a real working kitchen and you can be proud that the hard work you put in is serving something special and better than those other quick serve restaurants.


We all want a chance to grow in our careers and earn more. At Del Taco, we have one of the best career development programs around. The majority of our managers started as team members. Following our training program and putting in the hard work, many of our team members find themselves in a position to be a manager within 1-2 years. At Del Taco, we are people-driven and believe as you succeed we succeed - you'll have a chance to grow at Del like you always imagined.


You want to work somewhere where you are respected and enjoy working with the team around you. One of our core values is that we "elevate each other." That means that part of everyone's job is to help their teammate. Whether it is detailed training on how to learn something new or swapping a shift when you have something personal you need to take care of, you'll be proud to work with a team that truly works together.


While we work hard at Del Taco we do it because we know we are providing real fresh food at an incredible value. (Did someone say 16 items for less than a buck?) We keep it fun with regular contests, rotating uniforms and the ability to work in multiple positions. We let you be you - our cashiers introduce themselves to our guests by name, we let you choose between pants or jeans and allow you to express yourself whether that is through the color of your hair or a cool tattoo.

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